NEW SCHEDULE START IN AUGUST 6 2018!! See the detailed description off all classes under the schedule
One of the big change this years is the introduction to self-defense and bully proof strategy as part of the on going curriculum for kids and teenagers this come along with a women Self-defense program. Following lots of request I decided to also add a toddler program.
NEW!! BJJ for Toddler classes: 4-7 years old- focus on the mobility and control aspect of Jiu-Jitsu using various games. Class are 100% fun 
BJJ for Kids classes Focus on mobility, control, escape, sweeps, take down and each classes will have a self defense/bully proof techniques. 
BJJ for Kids advanced class Same content as the kids class with the addition of submissions. 
NEW!! BJJ for Teens and Adult classes Cover the same skill set as the kids with more conditioning. 
NEW!! Women Self-defense: Fully focused on women this program use all the self-defense tool of Jiu-Jitsu plus some element from Krav-Maga one of the best standing self-defense system. 

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