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Teen Class 

Teen is an age of physical development and social integration. It is challenging and unfortunately bullying is not a rare problem at that age. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the perfect discipline to equip any teenagers to peacefully handle any conflict verbally or physically while keeping everybody safe as well as gaining self confidence.

The teen class go more into detail into the bully proof and self defense program. the teen develop self confidence learning and applying the technique in a live environment where the student safety is a priority but the setting realistic. 

What do they learn?

To control, take down, escape and submit an opponent, using leverage and strategic thinking instead of brute force. They will learn to verbally de-escalate a situation of conflict as well as handle them-self in a situation where physical conflict become unavoidable. They will know how to stay safe and keep other safe. They will also learn how to experience a situation of conflict by staying confident, understanding that most of what is going on is not about them but about somebody else approach of the world. Most of all they will integrate the teaching culture of DBBJJ that focus on respect of one self and others, leadership, self confidence, discipline, determination, playfulness, etc...

How many class per week?

There will be 4 class per week open to all level. 

and off course FREE access to the open mat schedule

Also teenagers if they want can attend the adults classes.