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Is Winning everything?

September 11, 2018

I just came back from Japan Asia BJJ Open 2018 with a gold Medal in the Purple Belt, master 3, light weight category. Well this is a great honor and joy for me as I repeated what I did as a blue belt few years ago and it means a lot to me. Now! that day I also learned few things about winning. Its great But it does not last, It is a high on the moment. witch does not mean it should not be celebrated because it should. But I believe there are much more that can be achieved with winning than the personal high it gives you.


I am lucky to have Students that look up to me as their mentor on their BJJ journey and as such I how them to not be selfish. If this win should be used to something is to motivate them to train more with the right method. I am nothing special, But I try to be a constant learner of my victories and failures. I am nothing special but once I won, I look back to all that went wrong and start immediately to work on it so next time I can do better. 


I want to use that win to Inspire and be inspired. Inspire my student to fix themself goals. To see where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow. I want to aim high as there is nothing in this world you can't achieve once you commit your mind to it. See it precisely, envision it as it is already happened and make it happen. Start walking the path from A to Z and measure regularly if the method you use get you closer to your goal or not. I want you to know that regularity alone is good but regularity with a plan is better. I can come and train everyday without a plan and might end up running in circle, or I can come to each class with a plan of what I want to focus on and achieve tremendous leaps of progress. I want to be laser focus on my objectives so i don't derail the path I committed myself to. I want to surround myself with people who push me everytime to become the best that I can be. I need discipline to stick to the plan. Go to class or train even when I do not want to (I always end up loving it). I need to measure progress all along the way picking up the key metrics that means something toward the achievement of my final goal. I need to be flexible so I can catch every opportunity in every shape or form. I need the right emotional energy at every moment so I can manage better my energy and motivation. I can't allow the lows to dominate my life as to inspire, I must be inspired. As in order to win, I need to be in have the energy of a winner:-) You only lose when you give up.


The beauty of this formula is that it works in everything in life. Whatever you want to achieve in life this simple formula will guide you to it. When you step on the mat you do not only train BJJ, you train yourself to become a better, more accomplished person as well as a formidable martial artist. 


Winning Is as good as you make it. In Discoverybaybjj there is no losing only learning from what works and does not works. We train as a family, we care for each other we push each other forward to become better and achieve as much on the mat as off the mat:-) This is what make this Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy special it is not only a Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy:-) 

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September 11, 2018

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