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Kids Class and Advanced kids class

This class is focused on developing both martial arts skill and values as respect, discipline, leadership, strategic thinking with a big touch of playfulness. We are talking about kids after all.  The big development this year is the introduction of a bully proof/self defense curriculum as part of every classes. 


What will they learn?

Beginners kids will learn the basic of mobility, control, escape and take down. This include the development of strength, mobility and coordination. They will learn how to peacefully and without violence address a conflict and also how to handle the physical conflict if unavoidable. Experience show that my students have always managed to end a conflict without the use of any violence. "A fight you avoid is a fight you win" is my core philosophy while they will always be ready to handle the storm safely for them as well as their opponent. 

Advanced kids are introduce to submission in a very safe environment. they learn to understand the mechanics of it and while I encourage the use of submission my focus for them is to understand how to avoid being cough in it. 

Is this too serious for kids?

While the technical part of the teaching is meant to be focused and serious it last 15 min. The rest of the Hour is filled with game, role playing and fun drill the kids usually love. every opportunity is used to develop their logical and strategic thinking, self-confidence, leadership, mentorship, respect etc...

How many class there will be?

Starting august there will be more kids classes. 

3 classes for beginners during week days, indoor 

3 classes for Advanced kids during week days, indoor

2 classes for all level the weekend, outdoor

also all Open mat schedule are open to the kids as well

So plenty for flexibility and progress