Discovery Bay Beach or

DB plaza

Tel: +852-5424-9219

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Adult Class

Open to men and women this class is focus on the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu including self-defense, take down and ground work. BJJ was develop by Helio Gracie. He took the Ground Element to Judo Newaza en develop it to make of it the most efficient ground fighting system in the world. BJJ is focus on taking down an opponent to the ground, to control him, and submit him into giving up the fight, using leverage and strategic thinking instead of brute force.

What will I learn?

DB BJJ follow a strict curriculum to ensure the progress of his student. Each training session start with a Warm up including element of mobility, coordination, conditioning and cardio to develop fitness and an healthy body. Since you are constantly using your whole body it is a very good activity to lose weight. 

Then we learn the techniques planned for the week focusing on a specific position followed by specific sparring. 

Is it safe? I don't want to get injured

Well BJJ is open to all age and all gender as it is both safe and intense. You will not be punched in the face while you will learn efficient ways to submit a resisting opponent on the ground. The key in any sport activities is to work the basic conditioning of the core, upper and lower body and the warm up part of the class take care of that:-)

How many class is there per week?

I offer 10 training slots + 8 open mats (Open to everyone)

 6am classes Monday to Friday will allow you to start the day with an awesome workout and with the evening class and open mat to end the day like a champion. Weekend class are outdoor on the amazing Discovery bay beach.