About us 

Inglorious Grapplers Discovery Bay  is the only Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy 100% dedicated to Brazilian Jiujitsu in DB. We teach the gentle Art to Adults, Teenagers, Kids and Toddlers. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a ground fighting system including take down, control on the ground and submission using positioning and leverage instead of brute force. Training include mobility drills, techniques and real force sparring where student apply the techniques they learn against a resisting opponent. This Make BJJ a very strategic and efficient martial arts that help develop self-control, self-confidence, respect and strong friendship.  

More importantly the classes are tough with a strong value driven culture: Friendship, self-respect and respect of others, self confidence, leadership, mentoring, discipline and determination. Stepping on the mat in Inglorious Grapplers Discovery Bay is becoming part of a second family where we support each other to grow as human being and progress in the art of Jiu-Jitsu together.

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Discovery Bay Beach or

DB plaza 

Tel: +852-5424-9219

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